Bonus Watch ’14: Barclays Employees Not Taking A Page From CEO’s Playbook

Unlike Antony Jenkins, the rest of Team Barclays will be accepting bonuses this year, thanks.

Barclays will pay up to 2.4 billion pounds ($3.9 billion) in bonuses to staff for 2013, Sky News said, a year when it asked shareholders for nearly 6 billion pounds to bolster capital, and an 11 percent rise from 2012. Barclays will release pay details alongside annual results on Tuesday, and Sky said it will pay between 2.3 billion pounds and 2.4 billion pounds in incentive awards. Barclays declined to comment. A rise in bonuses at the bank could provoke a backlash from politicians and a public angered that banks are not reining in compensation. Excessive pay has been blamed for encouraging risk-taking and contributing to the 2008/2009 financial crisis. Sky said Barclays is expected to defend the increase in bonuses by pointing to a robust performance by its investment bank in the United States and the threat it will lose its top staff there to its Wall Street rivals.

Barclays to pay nearly $4 billion in bonuses: Sky [Reuters]

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7 Responses to “Bonus Watch ’14: Barclays Employees Not Taking A Page From CEO’s Playbook”

  1. Finance Troll says:

    What does an 11% increase on a kick in the junk come out to again?

  2. Guest says:

    Good for them. They deserve it.

  3. Vuest says:

    Does anyone else have the song from the Lone Dinosaur stuck in their head?

  4. Guest says:

    The $300mm they took from the Premiere League Sponsorship debit to tot up the bonus figure to $4bn this year amidst new regulator investigations is probably getting more bang for the buck in advertising of the outrageously high $4bn news than football would.

    Smart move.

  5. Camelatetotheparty says:

    Kids, do not go into finance. Learn to code. Learn a trade. Anything but finance.