Bonus Watch ’14: Wells Fargo Investment Bankers Feeling Pretty Good About Their Odds

Bank of America mortgage servicers, not so much.

“You’d like to believe that when the tide comes in all the boats get raised,” said one Bank of America employee who works in the division that services delinquent mortgages. He said bonuses there are about two weeks’ pay. “But the tide’s come in and it seems like the only boats getting raised are the big ones.” He said in past years, when he worked in a different division, he and his colleagues often used bonuses to buy big-ticket items such as a new TV or laptop. Now, he said he’s more likely to use the money to pay down debt or boost savings. “I’m going to be as thrifty as I can,” he said…

Wells Fargo bankers will start to learn about their bonuses this week and get paid later in the spring. Two people familiar with the situation said investment bankers who help corporations make deals and raise capital are especially optimistic. Those bankers, particularly in the upper ranks, are likely to “kill it this year,” one of the people said.

Bank bonuses rise, but not to boom-time levels [Charlotte Observer]

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4 Responses to “Bonus Watch ’14: Wells Fargo Investment Bankers Feeling Pretty Good About Their Odds”

  1. NKI says:

    "Kill it this year" is the NKI?

  2. Your mom says:

    The people at the top will kill it. You, you're fucked. All of you.

    It's why you should just kill and rob the guys at the top. It's not going to get better. So pull the trigger…you'll feel better when you have their money in your hands.

  3. single in FiDi says:

    Great comments so far. Really fun to read after getting through the stupid "tide raising boats" analogy above.

  4. UBS Bonus Quant says:

    $0 * 1000000% increase = Killing it?