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David Bonderman Is Thinking Things

Sure, he’s thinking about all sorts of things, just not too hard.

He cautioned against overthinking or aggrandizing investing.

TPG must be careful investing pensioners’ money, Mr. Bonderman said, but “candidly, what we’re doing is not rocket science. We’re not doing brain surgery, we’re not curing cancer. We’re trying to figure out what the right bond return is. Come on.”

He’s definitely not exerting too much brainpower on a TPG IPO, probably because it’s a foregone conclusion.

“‘Contemplating’ is the right word for us,” Mr. Bonderman said on Tuesday at the SuperReturn International private-equity conference in Berlin. “We’re thinking about it, but not too hard….”

“At the end of the day, everybody will go public,” Mr. Bonderman said of large private-equity firms such as TPG.

TPG ‘Contemplating’ Going Public [WSJ]

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One Response to “David Bonderman Is Thinking Things”

  1. guest says:

    Really folks, is there a better business than PE? Put your biggest and most spectacular failure of an investment into bankruptcy on Friday, get ready for an IPO the following Tuesday.