In Fairness To Bill Gross…

Those deafening silences were once punctuated with this:

Lately, [Gross] has been trying to loosen up a bit in the office, where he prefers to focus, in silence, for hours in front of his trading screens. To break the quiet he helps impose, the morning we meet he starts a new ritual: at 8 a.m., a song that someone recommends is blasted over the sound system. Mr. Gross kicks it off with Short Skirt/Long Jacket by the alt-rock band Cake. He even helps lead a conga line past rows of stunned-looking traders.

Though it would appear they’ve fallen by the wayside.

The Obsessive Life Of Bond Guru Bill Gross [Globe And Mail]

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5 Responses to “In Fairness To Bill Gross…”

  1. guest says:

    okay db commentariat:

    The silence policy says _______ but the impish grin says _________ .

  2. UFO says:

    I gues he has his fans, but he's an asshole and I'd probably kill him if I was stuck in the same space.

  3. guest says:

    we are not here to be fair to bill gross

  4. Guest says:

    Being an insufferable prick during a bull bond market > Being cool, musical Bill when your returns suck