Janet Yellen Has Noticed The Cold

That’s why U.S. job numbers and everything else look so… underwhelming. Also, why she’s going to keep tapering as though things weren’t.

Unusually harsh winter weather appears to be behind recent signs of weakness in the U.S. economy, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said on Thursday, suggesting the central bank was poised to press forward in ratcheting back its stimulus…..

“It’s really quite a range of data that has been soft recently. I think it’s clear that … unseasonably cold weather has played some role in much of that,” Yellen, the Fed’s former vice chair who took the reins on February 1, told lawmakers.

“What we … will be doing in the weeks ahead is to try to get a firmer handle on exactly how much of that set of soft data can be explained by weather and what portion, if any, are due to a softer outlook,” she said.

Weather seems to blame for U.S. slowdown, Fed’s Yellen says [Reuters]

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3 Responses to “Janet Yellen Has Noticed The Cold”

  1. GimmeAfuckingBreak says:

    Is it just me or is all this talk about how the weather is affecting the economy the ultimate in pathetic grabbing for straws? It's like all the middle aged twats in the office whining about the weather….you live in the fucking Northeast and this happens every year.

    Seriously, without having stats to obsess over, is your memory so fine tuned you can you tangibly tell the difference between right now and this day exactly a year ago?