JP Morgan Learns From Its Mistakes

Back in November, JP Morgan announced that it would be offering up Vice Chairman Jimmy “Get Tom Brady On The Phone” Lee for questioning by the people of Twitter. The pre-show did not go well and the whole thing had to be canceled, in part because it somehow wasn’t anticipated that there might be lingering questions about the billions the firm had lost/was fined/was about to be fined. Today, the bank has demonstrated that it took its remedial interenet classes seriously, and redeemed itself with this:

In conclusion, when it comes ot Twitter: puppies > live questions for executive during company crisis.

[@jpmorgan via @LaurenLaCapra]

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17 Responses to “JP Morgan Learns From Its Mistakes”

  1. investorcluzo says:

    JP Morgan doing #TBT on Twitter is the equivalent of your grandparents friending you on Facebook…sell Mortimer, sell!

  2. gay radar... says:

    JPMorgan sucks.

  3. Thom says:

    Don't forget the Iranian in the WH pulling the Kenyan's strings. Those collies were trained to bite the penises of Vanderbilt men in their prime years. I'd gone to Yale, but I got a bad knee; never was one to suck things through a hose anyway. Now tomorrow, I hit up the cougar bars and make sure that I am semi-hard in my dockers before I enter the scene. V-day in my pants baby, v-day in my pants.

  4. guest says:

    bess comments today: 30+
    shaz nasty comments today: 3, maybe 4?

  5. Guest says:

    When all else fails, stick to core competencies. Well done for highlighting what your strengths are, JPM.

  6. Johny says:

    #TBT comes before #TGIF. But @Dimon always comes first because he fucks #OPM.

    – @FML Johny

  7. HAM05 says:

    whole thread about collies and NOT ONE MENTION of dennis kneale??

  8. arnelsweizz14 says:

    Consumer’s get thee to a Credit Union or other regional, local financial institutions. Big Banks aren’t here to help anyone but themselves, so obvious at this point.
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