Jury: Mathew Martoma’s Trades Of The Insider Variety

Jurors in Manhattan have reached a guilty verdict in the insider-trading trial of Mathew Martoma, the former SAC Capital Advisors LP portfolio manager accused of insider trading. The jury said Martoma used inside tips on trades that earned SAC $275 million. [WSJ, earlier]

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58 Responses to “Jury: Mathew Martoma’s Trades Of The Insider Variety”

  1. Guest says:

    No!!!! Really?!?!

  2. HighFrequencyHater says:

    Calling it at 8.5 years, price is right rules.

  3. Guest says:

    Kudos to them for adding a little suspense by making the deliberations last longer than a day and asking for evidence that the Post interpreted as possibly being positive for the defendant. Made me start second guessing…

  4. Master Preet says:

    80-0, son.

  5. CNBC sucks says:

    Hey CNBC – how come the news hasn't reached you yet?? who you need to call – a trader in the pit? Kramer? Icahn??

    worthless …

  6. PermaGuestII says:

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Stevie; it tolls for you.

  7. Lamp says:

    Thanks O'Stevie!

  8. Vonteno says:

    If he has any decency left he should perform an enema on his shit canal for his new cellmate.

  9. Guest says:

    Stevie was right. Martoma was a one hit wonder. The best trade he could have done was to cooperate yet he took to low odds to roll the hearing dice.

  10. Guest says:

    Martoma is free on bail until sentencing? Really? Now which passport name have the Feds confiscated? Jay Chase? Matt? Ajai? Would like to see the complete list.

  11. You Know Who says:

    Remember the Omerta.

  12. Guest says:

    When do the jurors find out about Harvard Law/Circuit Court internships?

  13. Guest says:

    Another proud beneficiary of the H1B1 program.

  14. GlassHalfFull says:

    In related news, Martoma made it on BB mvp list. Yay.

  15. Guest says:

    Stevie, probably already got him a Puerto Rican passport.

  16. Guest says:

    Well, he's going to have to find some way to kill the next few years while in the big house.

    Does Harvard give correspondence classes?

  17. Guest says:

    Waiting for Marissa Mayer to appoint him as the next COO.

  18. Harlem rap quant says:

    18 months? Please. That ain't facing time, I'm stressed anyways, need it for vacation time

  19. SnoozeBC says:

    Tonight on Kudlow Report:

    Was Obama a personal friend of Martoma. Were they continent buddies (Africa and Asia) back in early days.

  20. Laxbro says:

    He'll be out in 6 months … after he forges release documents.

  21. Joel Sucher says:

    At least he didn't faint…

  22. Ajai says:

    I was just trying to impress my parents.

  23. Pennies? says:

    How much of the $275m that SAC made off Martoma did the US govt claw back?