Write-Offs: 02.11.14

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3 Responses to “Write-Offs: 02.11.14”

  1. Walter Horezga says:

    Recovery not complete, eh? Just wondering, what is the projected time frame for systemic failure and near collapse? Serious question, not being ironic or political.

  2. XENOMORPH says:

    Recovery not completeIn no particular order:

    * Bove, STFU, those jobs were toast long before this. As in Goldman built that tower in NJ long before any of this

    * Not sure if feminism? STFU, how about they passed out dental dams

    * Yellin, STFU, you're just sitting in on someone else's policy

    * Chaz Gas, STFU. Just on general principal. If you could punch yourself in the face as well, bonus

  3. Spike Robinson says:


    Luv you man. Gasbag punch himself in the face…bonus So perfect.

    So he was asking Bo Dietl (who might be the only man on the planet dumber than Gasbag) why SAC hired so many criminals. How ironic. Is there a bigger criminal in the media that Gasbag? He was a thug as a youth as he got the snot kicked out of him numerous times. I know as I gave him a couple of haymakers way back when. That's why he started lifting weights…self defense! He was little more than a loud mouthed punk.