• 13 Feb 2014 at 6:55 PM

Write-Offs: 02.13.14

$$$ On the Road to Enlightenment With Andrew Ross Sorkin, David Lynch, and Dr. Oz [Daily Intel / Jessica Pressler]

$$$ AIG Reports $1.98 Billion Profit, Beating Analyst Estimates [Bloomberg]

$$$ SEC Takes Steps To Stem Courtroom Defections [WSJ]

$$$ German Thriftiness Vexes Banks [WSJ]

$$$ Swedish gym chain bans ‘selfies’ in locker room [The Local]

$$$ French Bank Is Suspected Of Violating Blacklistings [Dealbook]

$$$ More Snow Ahead for U.S. Northeast as Storm Moves to Sea [Bloomberg]

$$$ George Soros wants medical records kept sealed in legal battle with soap opera actress ex-girlfriend: court papers [NYDN]

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