Write-Offs: 02.24.14

$$$ Icahn, eBay trade accusations as fight escalates [Reuters]

$$$ Netflix to Pay Comcast for Smoother Streaming [WSJ]

$$$ Men’s Wearhouse Messes With Jos. A. Bank’s Plans for Khaki Dominance [BloombergView/Matt]

$$$ In an excerpt of his annual letter to shareholders published online by Fortune on Monday, Buffett used a 1986 purchase of a farm located 50 miles north of Omaha to support his case about simple, diversified and low-cost investing. He had bought the farm because he could weigh how much the property would yield in corn and soybeans against its operating costs – and not to speculate on the value of the land or to sell it as soon as prices rose. “Now, 28 years later, the farm has tripled its earnings and is worth five times or more what I paid,” Buffett wrote in his annual letter to shareholders, adding that he has visited the property only twice. [Reuters]

$$$ Alec Baldwin: Good-Bye, Public Life [Vulture]

$$$ KKR’s Kravis, Roberts Get $327 Million in 2013 on Company Exits [Bloomberg]

$$$ Wall Street Bearish On Chris Christie’s 2016 Chances [NYP / Charlie Gasparino]

$$$ Man Complains To Council After Prostitute Turns Him Down [LBC]

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8 Responses to “Write-Offs: 02.24.14”

  1. Guest says:

    Alex Baldwin – 20years = Shia LaPouff

  2. Guest says:

    Carl Icahn – 30 years – $996,000,000 = Charlie Gasparino

  3. Guest says:

    Guest – 10 inches = SMU Secure

  4. FatGuySkinnyTie says:

    Link to an article Matt wrote yesterday : Shazar at his best :: Barbara Palvin on my face : Courtney Love's puke chunklets in my chest hair

  5. EVERYONE says:

    When even a hooker won't bang you, maybe it's time to hit the gym and get a breath mint, eh chap?

  6. Reality check says:

    Dear Alec,

    Who gives a rat's ass about your problems or your whining about them.


    Single mother, widow of police officer killed in line of duty, trying to raise three kids on minimum wage