Yahoo! Shareholders Question Whether Marissa Mayer’s Decision To Pay Her Former Buddy $7.2 Million Per Month To Not Fix The Company Is A Bad Sign

Just asking.

CtW Investment Group, an arm of labor federation Change to Win, called on Yahoo to take steps to ensure it won’t overpay for executive talent, citing ousted chief operating officer Henrique de Castro’s estimated compensation of $109 million for just 15 months on the job.

“The decision to pursue Mr. de Castro so aggressively, but to then sever the company’s relationship with him so quickly, does not give us confidence that Yahoo’s turnaround strategy is progressing as you and we might have hoped,” Dieter Waizenegger, CtW Investment’s executive director, wrote in a letter to Yahoo Chairman Maynard Webb on Tuesday….

Mr. de Castro, who departed in January after clashing on numerous occasions with Ms. Mayer, walked away with about $109 million in compensation, including his salary, hiring bonus and a severance package worth more than $64 million, according to the estimate of executive pay researcher Equilar.

Investors Press Yahoo on Compensation After No. 2’s Exit [WSJ]

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8 Responses to “Yahoo! Shareholders Question Whether Marissa Mayer’s Decision To Pay Her Former Buddy $7.2 Million Per Month To Not Fix The Company Is A Bad Sign”

  1. Dem Chick says:

    No one posting in this comment section mine as well rip ass

  2. Guest says:

    It was a bad sign for Mayer since #1's only getting $100mm over 5 years as opposed to #2's 15 months. Maybe she should consider firing herself and paying out a similar package.

  3. biglawinsecure says:

    yahoo still have any of that alibaba cash left over to splurge onto any money losing developers? otherwise marrisa's job is done.

  4. St. Copious says:

    C-suite job at Yahoo is officially THE best gig in the world. Nine figure comp package to monitor a (non-control!) equity position in Alibaba that that long predates your employment, and over which Yahoo exerts no strategic or operational influence. Just amazing.
    Do they come to work? If so, why, and what do they do there?

  5. Compuserve says:

    Well, they royally fucked up yahoo mail and then the Geezers who used it went nuts and that was that.

  6. klhoughton says:

    MMayer: "Henrique, I want you to guide our company back to full profitability."

    Henrique: "I thought that was your job."

    MM: "My job is to make the company more profitable. Hiring you to do it is how I'm doing that."

    MM: It's been a year. Are we more profitable?

    H: You want me to turn the Titanic around on a dime? There's a reason I only took this job with a five-year contract.

    MM: I need to be able to prove I know what I'm doing.

    H: But you don't. You hired me to do it for you.

    MM: I need it now.

    H: I told you it wouldn't happen overnight.

    MM: How much will it cost to make you go away?

    H: About $100MM.

    MM: Done. Now I look like a Strong Leader again.

  7. Guest says:

    i miss red ball marissa