Charlie Gasparino Would Like To Rewrite Fraud Statutes, To John Thain’s Detriment

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16 Responses to “Charlie Gasparino Would Like To Rewrite Fraud Statutes, To John Thain’s Detriment”

  1. RipVanWinkle says:

    Great news flow, chazza

  2. Candy please says:

    One guy celebrating being White and the haters start coming out of the woodwork.

  3. Quant me maybe... says:

    You ever see the dumps John Thain takes?

    >Maybe it's about the extended, no cost replacement warranty. And the 10 second automatic courtesy flush.

  4. Gratefuljeff says:

    John Thain / the master back door man. Who can forget the guy who ran to Ken for a life raft while his over indulgent toilet overflowed with M – BS.

  5. Jesus says:

    "Reg NMS will have no impact on our (NYSE's) business"
    -John Thain

  6. Guestalt says:

    Hey Chaz, when are you going to tweet about the impending Lehman bankruptcy? We all want to know.

    – People who are still catching up on other news that also happened 6 years ago

    • LovelyRita says:

      A perfect reply Guestalt! I assume that you, like me, get so sick of hearing this Ahole. The dumbest man on the boob tube.

      • JustSayin says:

        OK. We will call you crazy – you idiot. A victimless crime??? Really??? So in your naive world, I can steal $10 million via insider trading and that did not come out of someone's pocket??? That would be called a "victim" you moron.

        I think Felix the Cat had it right last week when he said the following about you: Granted – Charlie is one of the biggest Aholes on the planet, his wife is essentially a cow, his broken English is almost as offensive as his greaser look/attire to include gold chains, his behavior and psychological profile reflect the insecurities of someone likely sexually abused as a child and his constant reference to "we broke dat story" is both false and annoying. In fact beating a press release by 10 seconds is not "breaking news" as much as it is "breaking gas" (hence GASparino). Still, you'd be a lot cooler a cat if you cut with the gangster speak in your writing and simply called him for the lying, insecure, minor league hack that he is.

        We all know that FBN is a pathetic joke as are Cavuto, McKee, et al are idiots. They spend Roger/Rupert's money on losers like themselves and Charlie and then have to really pay up for someone like Maria to come in and save their collective asses. Their hope is that Maria will do the the opening bell what IMUS did for the early show. After that they got nothing! So who their next savior – Betty Lieu?

        Just sayin!

  7. Alex Ryana says:

    Yet another idiot like Obama! Hello the $35,000 was for a commode! It was a piece of furniture not a toilet which is what commodes were used for storing a long, long time ago before man invented indoor plumbing.

    Given that Merrill Lynch was blowing up shareholder money on worthless mortgage securities, John Thain actually did his shareholders' a favor since antique furniture keeps its value and actually appreciates over time unlike the toxic mortgage securities the brilliant Merrill Lynch traders loaded up on!

  8. .Bo.Bo says:

    You crazy, Chaz.

  9. Guest says:

    Incidentally, Gasparino has ruined about $35K worth of toilets at the FBN studio.

  10. jj minihan says:

    Charlie ….. you are NUTS

    but , you may be right anyway

  11. Moooooo says:

    "Mooo….mooo….meet you at Elios for dinner….mooo"….

    Mrs Chaz at 6 pm (dinner time) every Thursday night…..

  12. Watson says:

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