CSI: Greenlight Capital

David Einhorn has watched enough criminal procedurals to do a little gumshoeing himself.

David Einhorn, the hedge fund manager, dropped a controversial lawsuit aimed at unmasking an anonymous blogger on the Seeking Alpha financial website, who had discussed one of his hedge fund’s stock positions before it was publicly announced. Mr. Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital moved to discontinue the civil lawsuit at the same time it issued a statement in which it said the hedge fund had identified the blogger. In the statement, which did not name the blogger, Greenlight said it “has resolved the matter privately to our satisfaction.” […] It’s not clear how Greenlight managed to unmask the identity of Valuable Insights or what it intends to do next.

David Einhorn Gets His Blogger [Dealbook]

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5 Responses to “CSI: Greenlight Capital”

  1. guest says:

    Help! We're being suffocated!

    – Einhorn's Pluggs

  2. Guest says:

    more like Law and Order, season 25, episode 7. prolly figured out it was going to be tought to go up against the 1st amendment.

  3. Guest says:

    Greenlight said it “has resolved the matter privately to our satisfaction.”

    what does that entail? texting the guy 37 works of Shakespeare? what does his vigilante sentencing codebook say?

  4. guest says:

    This douche is dressed like he's going on Double Dare.

    – Black Vest Dealer

  5. Carl Icahn says:

    Blogger is probably that Ackman guy.

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