Feel Bad About Your Monopoly ‘House Rules’?

If you’ve been turning free parking into something better than free, or if you’ve managed to come up with board-game-based REITs, feel free to continue to do so—assuming, of course, you buy the special new edition of the game that permits you to make shit up.

Hasbro, which has published the classic board game since 1991, announced Tuesday that it would incorporate the top “house rules” into a special edition of the game starting this fall.

“While the official Monopoly rules will not change,” the company said in a statement, “fans who love playing with ‘house rules’ will now have the opportunity to play them in their game.”

To kick off the promotional effort, Hasbro will invite fans to debate the pros and cons of 10 popular house rules on the game’s Facebook pagethrough April 3. Then it will choose five to become part of a special edition and to be included as an addendum to the official rules in a Monopoly game guide next year.

Land on Go, Collect $400? Monopoly Invites New Rules [NYT]

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3 Responses to “Feel Bad About Your Monopoly ‘House Rules’?”

  1. Mard says:

    Pooping oneself is all the rage among adults in Japan these days, with sales of adult diapers (Depends) through the roof.

  2. Guest says:

    I like adding a card to Community Chest that says you need to blow a line the length of the number of spaces on your next roll. Damn, grandma really used to love playing Monopoly.

  3. Sean says:

    I first read that as Monopoly only being around since 1991. I thought to myself that the game has to be older than the slampigs LaxBro bangs.