Ken Langone: Unintelligible Something Something Hitler 1933 1% Something Something

“I hope it’s not working,” Ken Langone, the billionaire co-founder of Home Depot and major GOP donor, said of populist political appeals. “Because if you go back to 1933, with different words, this is what Hitler was saying in Germany. You don’t survive as a society if you encourage and thrive on envy or jealousy.” [Politco via Daily Intel]

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16 Responses to “Ken Langone: Unintelligible Something Something Hitler 1933 1% Something Something”

  1. Shaz's beard says:

    CAPTION: "And I swear the balls on that Shazar kid were this f-cking big"

  2. guest says:

    Seriously, we need some civil rights activists to protect the interests of this group whose share of income, personal wealth and general overall well being has outpaced the rest of society by any measure imaginable over the last 30 years. Let's fucking march on Washington (but don't tread on our expensive lobbyists or Congresspeople whom we control with our out sized donation abilities), who's with me?

    -Junior Banker who expects to be in Ken's income bracket some day

  3. Guest says:

    These people are supposed to be the brain trust of this country but their reasoning is that of a toothless country bumpkin halfwit. Unreal. How many of these idiots have referenced Hitler in the last two years. Fucking morons

  4. Guest says:

    I'm sure the 99% shopping at Home Depot would be sympathetic to his concerns.

  5. Guest says:

    People with this kind of wealth should never pull this crap. Carnegie, Rockefeller, Kennedy, Gates, Buffett. They get it. Cant take it with you. Lok at Woody Johnson, would rather let his daughter do the dead man float then help her out. piece of shit

  6. davidrusso says:

    Remember towards the end of the Romney campaign when it seemed like every other day a older white male Republican was making cringe-worthy comments about rape – and everyone on the right who wasn't insane was screaming "JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP STOP TALKING ABOUT RAPE YOU ASSHOLES.."

    Kinda feels that way now. Except replace "politician" with "high net worth individual" and "rape" with "1% nazi references".

    Can someone please preemptively bitchslap Phil Falcone?

  7. St. Copious says:

    So there is a person out there – Ken Langone – who thought to himself, "You know, the Nazi/jim crow comparisons worked out well for Schwartzman, Benmosche, and Perkins. I should get in on it."

  8. Guest says:

    His 1% wiki bio where envy probably didn't get him where he is today….

    "Kenneth Langone was born in Roslyn Heights, New York, to working-class parents. His father was a plumber and his mother a cafeteria worker. As a student at Bucknell University, Langone worked various blue collar jobs, and was a butcher's assistant, a caddy, and a ditch digger."