Let’s Exchange Heated Words Over: Business School Rankings

Once again, as it does every year, US News has released its ranking of the best, not bad, and okay business schools. As this is the sort of thing that inspires unbridled rage over perceived slights like finding out your alma mater dropped one spot or having to suffer the indignity of an inferior institution being too close on the list, and many of your are plain itching to get into a fight, everyone should feel free to do it in this controlled space.

If you’re having trouble working yourself up into a lather but don’t want to be left out of the fun, perhaps consider how it must feel for Wharton to finally have cracked the number one slot only to find out that it’s being split three ways not just with Harvard but with a school that will let anyone in.

104. Northern Arizona University
25. Vanderbilt University (Owen)
25. University of Washington (Foster)
23. University of Notre Dame (Mendoza)
23. Georgetown University (McDonough)
22. Washington University in St. Louis (Olin)
21. Indiana University—​Bloomington (Kelley)
20. Emory University (Goizueta)
19. University of North Carolina—​Chapel Hill (Kenan-​Flagler)
18. Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)
17. Cornell University (Johnson)
16. University of California—​Los Angeles (Anderson)
15. University of Texas—​Austin (McCombs)
14. Duke University (Fuqua)
13. Yale University
11. University of Virginia (Darden)
11. University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor (Ross)
10. NYU (Stern)
9. Dartmouth College (Tuck)
8. Columbia University
7. University of California—​Berkeley (Haas)
6. Northwestern University (Kellogg)
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
4. University of Chicago (Booth)
1. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
1. Stanford University
1. Harvard University

Best Business Schools [US News]

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38 Responses to “Let’s Exchange Heated Words Over: Business School Rankings”

  1. Goni says:

    Now if this isn't CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN! what is?

  2. Del-a-where says:

    If you want to go to a top school bring a gas mask. Some foreigners with straight shit breath breathing in those lecture halls.

  3. Day Dream says:

    Give me UCLA. Maybe find a nice place in Santa Monica where Bess and I can grow as a couple. I'll come home after taking a managerial accounting test as she gets back from her Yoga session. She’ll be wearing Lululemon, I'm head-to-toe Bonobos. A simple smirk on her face will remind me how lucky of a man I am. She begins walking towards the bedroom –I follow without hesitation…..

  4. Guest says:

    Is that a ranking for b-schools producing the top grads or b-schools producing the top felons?

  5. InfiniteSalary says:

    I am partial to Northern Arizona. If it's good enough for Comrade Deblassio, it's good enough for me.

  6. guest says:

    Also tied for 1st: Skipping B school altogether.

    A2A bitches!

  7. diversity fair in 2B says:

    These Ivy schools are really selective. You have to be really smart to get in. Well, unless you're a gay eskimo, or a feminist latina poet, or a black person with a really unique life story, etc etc

    I wouldn't even care except this nonsense filters to Wall Street and into the analysts I have to tolerate. My firm's HR department never got the memo that these schools gave up "excellence" for "novelty" a long time ago.

  8. brb the best of says:

    How the fuck can there be a six way for 27th?

  9. Freddy Nuggins says:

    Back in the early '90s, Northwestern beat Chicago for #1 spot. US News then published a "Top 10" list from a student about why Chicago was better than Northwestern. Reason #10 was "Northwestern believes a free lunch really is free." Created a mini shit storm, which made all the better.

  10. Brian Bosworth, CFA says:

    I graduated from a top ten b-school…says the diploma holders from about 46 institutions.

    -Not a HSW grad

  11. CAPM says:

    When I was in business school, attempting to do business school things, and thought that I was making my way in the world, my younger crude oil trading brother came in for a weekend and partied a little bit and said:

    "You know what this 'MBA thing' is? It's where people who are losers in the real world get to feel cool."

    I never looked at a case study the same way again.

  12. IBANK4LIFE says:

    I'm currently at a Big 4 and looking to get into Ibanking so looking at MBAs. I'm applying to M7 schools and of course HWS. When I go in for MBA interview or i-bank superdays is it cool if I wear my Tag watch? I don't want to piss anyone off by showing my $1k watch. What about French cuffs? Need advice soon, thx

    -WSO poster

  13. Contributor says:

    Hey guys 2nd year PE associate (KKR/Blackstone/Carlyle) came from semi-target, div 3 athlete ask me anything

  14. CF no A though says:

    University of Phoenix?

  15. Besst Guest says:

    Bess, let's not forget Harvard's Jeff Immelt and Wharton's Raj Rajaratnam. No school is perfect.

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