New Crop Of MBA Candidates Thinking They’re Pretty Hot Shit

One semester under their belts and all of a sudden they’re too good to be consultants.

As their job prospects continue to brighten, business-school students are opting to unshackle themselves from employers who help cover school costs for those who return after graduation. In some cases, students have decided to leave employers while still at school, requiring them to repay $100,000 or more. Business schools don’t closely track students who break sponsorship arrangements, but interviews with students and administrators suggest that many M.B.A.s are no longer willing to settle for the sure thing…

One second-year Harvard Business School M.B.A. decided last fall to take a job with a private-equity firm, even though his tuition and living expenses had been covered by Boston Consulting Group Inc. in expectation that he would spend two years at the firm after graduation. “The choice of what you do after business school should be based on what you want to do long term, rather than short-term economics,” said the student. He took out a bank loan and repaid BCG $90,000—one year of sponsorship funding—within about two months of notifying the firm of his decision, and paid his second-year tuition with help from his new employer. (That money, too, is contingent on his tenure with the company.)…In the depths of the financial crisis, secure job offers were highly coveted. Now, students tend to view their sponsorships as “a put option with cheap financing attached,” the student said. In other words, they figure they have the option to go back, but not the obligation.

M.B.A.s Sour on Strings-Attached Tuition [WSJ]

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18 Responses to “New Crop Of MBA Candidates Thinking They’re Pretty Hot Shit”

  1. Ivy456 says:

    How sick is Del-a-where? Come on man. You gotta pick on handicapped kids? I mean really.

    Word to the wise – Delawhere is just a punk made from the same sperm as Gasparino the Ahole. In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd swear Delawhere is Chaz – except with maybe a 80+ IQ which is double Gaspo's. So please take you degree and do something constructive and positive with it.

    Did anyone catch Gasbag's tweet where he talks about his graduating from Pace and leaving the Harvard and Yale guys in the dust. That's like Monica Lewinsky blowing her way through the White House and then claiming to outperform the real stars who did great things for their country! The only difference between Charlie and Monica is that she got a blow job named after her (a Lewinsky) all you ever get is cum on your forehead from your scumbag sources :)))

  2. Tier2LovinIt says:

    if you can't get any joy out of the gasbag's tweets you need to lighten up, just a bit.

  3. guest says:

    This guy looks like someone who will be indicted for something in a few years.

  4. Ex-MCK says:

    In hindsight, it's hilarious how poorly a gig at McK/BCG/Bain prepares one for a career in anything else, especially buy-side investing. And also strange that every consultant forewent investment banking only to try to jump ship to P/E at first opportunity.

    I think it's called Putt's Law.

  5. CF no A though says:

    I'm guessing the one's who stick with their consulting gigs have awful credit scores!

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