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Silicon Valley Mafia Not Amused By This Carl Icahn Guy

We all know that Carl Icahn can handle himself on the rough-and-tumble schoolyards of Queens. But he might want to think twice before strolling among the well-manicured lawns of Sunnyvale after dark after his unkind remarks about Valley Godfather Marc Andreessen and his associates at eBay.

Carl C. Icahn’s battle against eBay has drawn a number of boldface names into the fray. The latest entrant happens to be one of the most prominent executives in Silicon Valley at the moment: the LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman….

While PayPal is no longer a startup, it still has massive growth prospects. But to someone who isn’t investing in the long term, it’s just a cash cow that’s ready to be slaughtered.

That’s why Carl Icahn is churning out letters to shareholders so fast he actually rechristened ex-PayPal COO and Yammer founder David Sacks as “David Yammer” in his first missive. It’s hard to imagine he could have a coherent long-term plan given that his due diligence doesn’t extend to surnames. (It’s since been corrected.)

LinkedIn Co-Founder Defends EBay Against Icahn [DealBook]

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10 Responses to “Silicon Valley Mafia Not Amused By This Carl Icahn Guy”

  1. Maria Khan says:

    Carl Icahn may say eBay is the worst-run company he’s ever seen but John Donahoe is continuing to insist eBay is on “solid ground” when it comes to corporate governance. Maybe they should both review these 6 things to consider when creating a corporate governance plan to help counter shareholder activism.

  2. LUVYOUCARL says:

    Hey Carl,

    We're all pulling for you buddy. About time the SV Prima Donna's had some breaking their stones and holding them accountable with these ridiculous valuations. At long last, real investors have a Champion.

    Words of caution: This Gasparino ass clown is attempting to link you with his sleezy form of journalism. Anybody who has ever done business with this Ahole has learned that he is beyond stupid and rats out sources so that he can claim to break news that has already been broken by more diligent and honest journalists. Ask Bo Dietl, Ken Langone, and a long list of other sources who have been burned by their linkage to the ass clown. He is the postchild for aborting a known mentally defective fetus.

  3. Guest says:

    It's not in eBay's best interest to cut PayPal loose. As an eBay shareholder, Carl Icahn shouldn't be advocating a split.

  4. Gruff says:

    Maybe I'm just in a good mood, but your posts seem better Shaz.

  5. guest says:

    Adding two sentences of commentary to a day-old dealbook article is the NKI

  6. you asked for it says:

    DB mafia not amused by this Jon Shazar guy

  7. UBS TMT Associate says:

    It's spelled "Anderson."