Ben Bernanke No Cheap Date

Sure, he’ll accept your dinner invitation. But it’s gonna cost ya. The former Fed Chair doesn’t get out of bed/attend speaking engagements, pan roasted truffled squab or not, for less than a quarter mill.

Former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke was booked for an intimate dinner Wednesday to address eight masters of the universe at Le Bernardin, we hear, including hedge funders David Einhorn, Louis Moore Bacon, Larry Robbins and Mike Novogratz. Sources said Bernanke’s expected to make about the same $250,000 fee he commanded at a recent Abu Dhabi speech.

Ben Bernanke to address eight top hedge funders [NYP]

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3 Responses to “Ben Bernanke No Cheap Date”

  1. CF no A though says:

    In between speaking engagements has he become the new spokesman for Joseph A. Bank?

  2. christofurio says:

    Heck, I heard recently that the inventor of a NON-inflationary currency agreed to talk to a reporter in return for a single meal. Granted, he stipulated an "expensive" meal. Still…

  3. Hedgehog says:

    Print more money

    There…I saved you 250k