Write-Offs: 03.17.14

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9 Responses to “Write-Offs: 03.17.14”

  1. VonSloneker says:

    Finance and fashionista suicide rates correlated and rising. Could the next mixer turn into "The Red Wedding"? Discuss…

    – The Ghost of Rob Stark

    • Guest says:

      It's instinctual in the fashionistas that they must maintain population equilibrium. If there become too many girls as the men die off, they will have to possibly date guys from UBS or worse, Charles Schwab.

      – The Ghost of Steve Irwin

  2. London Banker says:

    … Shazar doesn't sound like an Irish name …

    • DB HR says:

      Saying he mighta caught a bad load coming off a busy hole in a stall over at Phoenix latenight…

      Gonna try and come in, work the close.

  3. Shazmom says:

    Better the Shaz you don't know that the one you know.

  4. Phillips 69 says:

    I think I saw Geezer Oil Trader last night. Old, white guy at La Griglia on W. Gray, wearing beige Sans-a-belt pants and a Lochnivar golf shirt and brown slip-ons with gold bars where the tassles would be. Pronounced both "Gs" in "La Griglia". Gold "Presidential" Rolex watch waving around as he gesticulated wildly. Was with some Apex guys while telling a story about Texaco drilling a hole in a lake bed and draining that lake into a salt mine underneath it. He spoke in barnyard terms of Libyans, Russians and auditors while frequently using the words, "dumbass, dipshit and mullet". Referred to the waitress as "sugar booger". I think he had some Aggie engineering intern with him because he kept asking that youngster "if he ever blew Reveille while at A&M" and then the old guy would burst out laughing. I'll ask the Apex guys if that was the Geezer or not. That is, if they know of GOT.

    • VonSloneker says:

      I was sitting across the street at California Pizza Kitchen where, when it was Birraporetti's, the most epic St. Patty's day party in Houston was held. Recreating conditions and location in the hope that I'd fall into a temporal anomaly that would take me back 20 years…to that St. Patty's Day that everything went right at Birraporetti's.

      – V.S. McFly