Write-Offs: 03.27.14

$$$ Lehman to Dole Out Additional $17.9 Billion to Creditors [WSJ]

$$$ BofA Wins Recommendation for U.S. Mortgage Suit Dismissal [Bloomberg]

$$$ U.S. high-frequency trading ban unlikely: Nasdaq [Reuters]

$$$ Economic ‘honeymoon’ between Germany and China fades [Reuters]

$$$ How does second lady Jill Biden prank her husband on April Fool’s Day? By disappearing on Air Force Two and then jumping out of an overhead luggage compartment. [AP via Heidi Moore]

$$$ J.P. Morgan, Peregrine Investors Settle Suit [WSJ]

$$$ Madoff Fraud Distributions Will Soon Pass $6 Billion [BusinessWeek]

$$$ Staten Island Woman Allegedly Punched 80-Year-Old Neighbor, Ran Over His Hen, and Then Gave It a Cigarette [DI]

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