Bill Ackman’s Got A Fever And The Only Prescription Is More Takeovers

Ackman, who has teamed up with Canadian pharmaceutical company Valeant to launch a $45.6 billion takeover of Botox maker Allergan, warned drugmakers Tuesday that he plans to go on a little buying spree. “This is not the last deal we’re going to do,” he said. “We’re already talking about the next deal we’re going to do with Valeant.” “There are $10 trillion worth of targets,” said Ackman, referring to the combined market cap of the pharmaceutical industry. “I call this the shopping list.” [NYP]

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6 Responses to “Bill Ackman’s Got A Fever And The Only Prescription Is More Takeovers”

  1. Bonor in the front says:

    I keep having this nightmare that I offer to buy Bess a drink. The only problem is I forget if she asked for a regular mojito or a strawberry mojito.

  2. Guest says:

    Is Ackman running a Vanity fund? Herbalife, botox…. what's next? The silicon boob maker?

  3. St. Copious says:

    Trying to think of any $40+ billion deals (even inflation adjusted) that had a happy ending for anyone but the bankers and lawyers…