Bob Gross Dies At 14: Cat Was ‘Son’ Of Pimco Bond King

Bob Gross The Cat, who rose to prominence as an honorary CIO of the world’s biggest bond firm and had the uncommon intellectual capability to understand when her owner was on television, died last week. She was 14 years old. Bob is survived by her loving masters, Bill and Sue.

On Thursday, Gross dedicated the first half of his widely followed Investment Outlook letter to the cat and headlined it “Bob.” “Treasure your pets and all living things. Eventually we all stop living,” said Gross, who will celebrate his 70th birthday this month. The cat, a female despite the name, died last week. The pet had been with Gross and his wife for 14 years. “Aside from sleeping, Bob loved nothing more than to follow me from room to room making sure I was OK,” wrote Gross. “It got to be a little much at times, especially when entering and exiting the shower.” Gross said Bob’s “obsession carried over to the TV, sensing when I was on CNBC and paying apt attention no less. I often asked her about her recommendations for pet food stocks, and she frequently responded – one meow for ‘no,’ two meows for a ‘you bet.’ She was less certain about interest rates, but then it never hurt to ask.”

In lieu of flowers, please send scratch posts.

‘Bond King’ Gross writes an ode to his dead cat, Bob [Reuters]
Bob [Pimco/Investment Outlook]

*Re ‘Son of’: Yes, Bob was technically a girl cat, but Bill obviously thought of her like a son, plus she was named after a Bill Murray character. Sayeth Bill:

“I don’t think she minded having a boy’s name, at least she never mentioned it. We brought her home one afternoon after visiting our 3rd cat show in as many months and asked the inevitable question – what shall we name her? Struggling for an appropriate label for a brown and black cat that to be honest looked more like a dog, and having just seen the Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray comedy of the same name the night before, I said “What about Bob?” We all laughed, but it stuck. She was Bob.”

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24 Responses to “Bob Gross Dies At 14: Cat Was ‘Son’ Of Pimco Bond King”

  1. Mexi_Cant says:

    Only in death will we have our own names since only in death are we no longer part of the effort. In death we become heroes. Her name was Robert Gross. Her name was Robert Gross….Her name was Bob.

  2. Jeff Mackerel says:

    And the Lord sayeth deliver Colonel Sanders down to Davey Jones locker.

  3. investorcluzo says:

    "after visiting our 3rd cat show in as many months"

    I'd expect that from a spinster in her mid-sixties, but the head of a trillion dollar bond fund?
    -Concerned Investor (who's only heard of dog shows)

  4. ThatsWacc says:

    I can't in good conscience make a snarky joke about a man losing his beloved pet.

    RIP Bob.

  5. Shaz's beard says:

    Grossy also looking for the dead cat bounce in short-dated treasuries?

  6. Guest says:

    14 years without making direct eye contact?

    – M. El-Erian

  7. Guest says:

    Klass. It's called klass. Even when Bob quit you don't see her writing op-eds in the WSJ, do you.

  8. Another Cat Guy says:

    Cats may pass away but they are reincarnated as another cat or kitten that needs rescue. Sorry for your loss, Bob.

  9. HighFrequencyHater says:

    His CFA may in fact be of the cat fancy variety

  10. Turnip Truck says:

    Wilbur can only dream of such a classy send-off.

  11. Scorched Earth says:

    Gross' 2014 career goal: burn this motherfucker down

  12. guestest says:

    Wanted: New pet food stock picker. Qualifications: Human or feline. Must watch Bill on TV. Extra treats (from Bill himself!) as bonus.
    – pimco hr

  13. pazzo83 says:

    A dear friend… lost.

    – W Falcone

  14. Mike M says:

    After reading Bill's most recent monthly commentary , the cat Killed himself

  15. Jack Byrnes says:

    I have nipples, Greg. Could you milk me?

  16. schm0e says:

    It's "rapt" attention, Bill.

    And the rest of you.