Carl Icahn A Totally Reasonable Person In Private: Eyewitness

The activist investor won’t beat you up like he did to the kids back in Queens, sayeth eBay CEO John Donahoe.

Bloomberg: You know that many people see Carl Icahn as a bully. To those folks who still feel that way, explain to them what’s the value of letting the fox in the henhouse?

Donahoe: Oh I don’t think it’s the fox in the henhouse. Look from the beginning I’ve had direct conversation with Carl, throughout this process. And in all those conversations he’s been respectful; he’s been thoughtful in our one-on-one conversations.

Bloomberg: So respectful, thoughtful, one-on-one but nasty and accusatory in public? I have not negotiated with Carl Icahn so I don’t know if that’s the way he rolls.

Donahoe: You know, all I know is in my direct conversation he’s been thoughtful.

eBay CEO Donahoe Explains Icahn Agreement [TRANSCRIPT] [BloombergTV]
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3 Responses to “Carl Icahn A Totally Reasonable Person In Private: Eyewitness”

  1. Guest says:

    He's a bully all right, and a complete prick of a human being.

    -Tim Cook

  2. kesako says:

    "The activist investor won’t be you up"

    UBS Quant

  3. afzal says:

    hmmnn this could be possible…