Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge Winner: El-Erian Really IS The Man

El-Erian the Man gets the Dealbreaker bag o’ Dealbreaker koozies after benefitting from an extremely low-scoring second half. He comfortably defeated Jos. A. Bernanke to win the fourth annual Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge. Jos. A. Bank gets quite the consolation prize though, six Pimco pens.

How did El-Erian do it, you ask?

Despite neither of his finalists playing in the title game, he built his lead through very solid early-round selections, picking 11 of the sweet 16 and six of the elite 8 teams correctly.

The spectacularly named, Jos. A. Bernanke, on the other hand, could’ve won the whole damn thing had he just filled in UConn as his champion, rather than his runner-up. Michael Chou had our only entry with UConn winning, but he finished 76th thanks to early exits for Duke, Creighton and Arizona State.

Last place is something too, and while he may not have finished AT the bottom, Christian Bale is the only one among our bottom 4 that couldn’t pick ONE Final 4 team correctly. Christian, you might’ve finished a respectable 233rd out of 235, but you’re the worst in our minds. Chin up, li’l fella- there’s always next year.

Honorable mentions for best name include Super Duper Weenie edge, cryinglittle jewishboy, Portfolio Manager C, Martoma’s ClassReunion, Annual CFA vs MBA Play-In Game, I’m Short Your Herbalife, Bill Gross’ Untied Neck Tie, When Wilbur’s Fly, Rick Pointino72, and Bill Gross’ Cone Of Silence.

But there can only be one winner: Rick Pointino72.*

Rick, Jos, El-Erian: get in touch to claim your prizes.

*Although it has to be said that we loved “Jos A. Bernanke” and probably would’ve given it to him had he not already won the pens.

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5 Responses to “Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge Winner: El-Erian Really IS The Man”

  1. cryinglil jewishboy says:

    It's just not fair…….sniff….snifff

  2. Guest says:

    Bess, assuming that's the DB office in the background, are you guys still ponying up for the BB terminal with Matty gone? Pretty sure the multi-colored keys would frighten Shazar

  3. Trident says:

    What really tweaks my noodle is that all universities have become havens for liberalists and communists agendas. No one actually works for a living anymore, God forbid we ask a college student to do any form of manual labor. NCAA Tournaments are all about some finance punks getting together, dropping their pants, and whacking off.