Mohamed El-Erian’s Departure Had Nothing To Do With Bill Gross’s Habit Of Telling People To STFU With Just A Look

Or so he says.

Gross, who manages the $232 billion Total Return Fund, said April 10 on a Bloomberg Television interview that El-Erian’s resignation was a mystery to him and he may have been premature in anointing him as his sole successor…El-Erian said he now spends up to 50 percent of his time advising Pimco’s parent Allianz and is occupied with what he called a “portfolio” of part-time activities. This includes writing a column for Bloomberg View, the opinion section of Bloomberg News, working on a book about central banks and doing a periodic column for the Financial Times. He’s also spending more time with his daughter, whom he cited as a central reason for his exit from Pimco. “You realize there are special moments in your children’s life,” El-Erian said. “I was missing too many of these special moments. It is that simple.”

Will Bill Gross break his long silence and go on CNBC later today to say something to the effect of “THAT’S NOT WHY HE LEFT. TELL THE TRUTH MO. TELL THE TRUTH!”? It would be out of character, but anything’s possible.

El-Erian Says Gross Is One of World’s Best Investors [Bloomberg]

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16 Responses to “Mohamed El-Erian’s Departure Had Nothing To Do With Bill Gross’s Habit Of Telling People To STFU With Just A Look”

  1. Guest says:

    El Erian = Matt Levine

  2. PR Counter says:

    El Erian 1 vs Gross -4

  3. Guest says:

    Yes. Will join you in the bet that Gross goes on CNBC today to have a hissy fit.

  4. Hang time says:

    Translation: I will be trolling Gross full time for a while.

  5. Guest says:

    Missing too many of kids' special moments > [seeing a STFU face every day + $100mm p.a.]

    • guest says:

      If I'm reading your comment correctly, have to conclude you are not old enough to have friends with lots of money but f'd up kids.

  6. Jeff Mackerel says:

    Battle of the mustaches. Nobody wins.

    -Freddie Mercury

  7. OC fair choice says:

    Dealing with Bill Gross / mediocre returns < going to Chuck'e'Cheese / drug hab for kids

  8. Shaz's beard says:

    I wish I was wondering why Shazzy quit.

  9. Captain Oblivious says:

    Portfolio of personal activities= 3 days minimum at Rub and tug per week, the rest staring at imaginary triangles A Beautiful Mind style

  10. Quant me maybe... says:

    The picture itself says it all. El-Erian left because of that damn cheesy drop ceiling.

  11. M. El-Erian says:

    I retired due to ill health. I was sick of Bill Gross.