George Soros Could Do This All Day

In 2006, George Soros was a new-ishly divorced bachelor about town. As a 75 year-old billionaire with a libido that would not quit, Soros wasn’t looking for anything too serious. So when he met a young woman named Adrianna Ferreyr in the Hamptons, he intended to keep things light, and for the next five years, he did, engaging in what he and his lawyers would later describe as “on-again, off again and non-exclusive.” Oh sure, he promised to buy Ferreyr an apartment on East 85th street, but when your net worth has 10 zeros attached to it, giving a woman a 2-bedroom condo carries no more weight than tossing her a twenty for cab fare after informing her she can’t spend the night. Which probably explains why Soros, after “heartlessly dumping” and then “briefly reconciling for a romantic night,” didn’t think it was a big deal to lean over and whisper that he’d given the place away to another woman (who would later become his third wife). Soros was subsequently treated to a piece of Ferryr’s mind and after that, allegedly “slapped Ferreyr across the face and proceeded to put his hands around her neck in an attempt to choke her…then…attempted to strike her with a glass lamp, and though he narrowly missed, it smashed on the floor and she cut her foot, which required three stitches,” according to a lawsuit filed by Ferryr in August 2011, which sought $50 million in damages.

In the two and half years that have followed Soros has:

  • Strongly denied the accusations and refused to give Ferryr a dime
  • Offered to settle for a trifling $250,000
  • Prosed to the woman– Tamiko Bolton– he let have Ferryr’s apartment
  • Claimed that he was the one who was assaulted and that after hearing Bolton was getting her apartment, an “enraged” Ferreyr “picked up a nearby lamp that was made partly of glass and…attempted to strike Soros with it” (according to this version of the story, the lamp allegedly made contact with his arm before shattering on the floor)
  • Gone ahead and married Bolton
  • Watched Ferryr, during a deposition in February, yell “expletives” at one of his lawyers, tell another lawyer he was “going down” and “should go to prison and get beat up,” kick one of his aids in the shins, and, finally, hit him in the face with such intensity that she knocked off his hearing aid

At this point in the story, Soros is 83 years old. He has a new bride. His Quantum Endowment made $5.5 billion last year. Has he had enough? Does he want to spend however many years he’s got left in peace? Does he decide to just give Ferryr what she wants, a figure that is roughly the amount of cash he carries around in his wallet? Or does he choose to send a message– to any women from his past thinking of coming out of the wordwork to demand an apartment1 or, should things not work out with Tamiko, the women of his future who would do the same– that George Soros rolls over for no one?

Apparently this is one Hungarian who has zero intention of a) giving out apartments willy-nilly and b) backing down.

George Soros has won a bid to dismiss a $50m claim by an ex-girlfriend who claimed he reneged on a promise to buy her an expensive Manhattan apartment, but the appeals court did not dismiss an assault claim against the 83-year-old billionaire. A New York state appellate court dismissed claims by Brazilian former actress Adriana Ferreyr, 30, seeking damages for fraud, infliction of emotional distress and other claims. “The facts alleged do not show that [Soros] caused ‘unconscionable injury’ to [Ferreyr] as a result of any unreasonable reliance she placed on his alleged promises,” the appellate decision read. The ruling did not dismiss a claim in the lawsuit that Mr Soros committed assault and battery when he slapped the woman in the face and grabbed her throat during a 2010 argument.

Soros wins partial dismissal of suit filed by ex-girlfriend [Reuters]
George Soros wins court battle over claims he promised to buy ex-girlfriend a $2m apartment [Telegraph]
Appellate Division ruling allows George Soros’ ex-flame to sue him for claim of assault and battery [NYDN]

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Particularly the ladies of 2005-2010, AKA “The Seed-Spreading Years”

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16 Responses to “George Soros Could Do This All Day”

  1. Bandersnatch says:

    An invisible footnote! Even Matt never thought of that.

  2. Guest says:

    Needs better lighting.

  3. Mrs Stowe says:

    Is your daughter in University ?

  4. Guest says:

    Georos Soros?

  5. Turnip Truck says:

    Oh, Bess, never change.

  6. Fan says:

    The analysis in this post is on par with Matt's former musings on CDS and ratings agency lawsuits. It has brought a tear to this sentimental fan's eye. Well done Bess.

  7. Ted E. says:

    In my dream I was drowning my Soros
    But my Soros, hey, learned to swim
    Surrounding me, going down on me
    Spilling over the brim
    Waves of regret and waves of joy
    I reached out for the one, I tried to destroy you
    You said you'd wait to the end of the world

    U2 – Until The End Of The World Lyrics: A. Ferreyr

  8. Quant me maybe... says:

    Thing is, I don't think Soros is even really that pissed.

    > Guy who thinks a multibillionaire could make anyone's life pretty miserable if he gets lawyered up enough.

  9. Christopher Guest says:

    From left to right: No and no.

  10. I'm not surprised by this animal. Most Democratic donors are sexual deviants. He once tried to grope a goat on a farm in Austria.

  11. Guest says:

    Come on, who hasn't tried to perform a reach around on a farm animal or two?

    – SMU Secure