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Goldman Sachs Hasn’t Heard That Some People Don’t Like Dark Pools

Looks like Jamie Dimon isn’t the only banker who isn’t reading Flash Boys.

Harvey Schwartz, the chief financial officer of Goldman Sachs, told analysts during a conference call to discuss the bank’s first-quarter earnings on Thursday that he had “no strategic plans” to close the bank’s dark pool trading business known as Sigma X….

The recent book “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis drew even more attention to dark pools by questioning whether high-speed traders were gaining unfair market advantages.

Asked about what kinds of concerns he had heard from clients regarding Sigma X, Mr. Schwartz said he was unaware of any explicit concerns.

Goldman Says It Has No Plans to Exit Dark Pool Business [DealBook]

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4 Responses to “Goldman Sachs Hasn’t Heard That Some People Don’t Like Dark Pools”

  1. JT Marlin HFT desk says:

    Does anyone have an example of this? Can you show a dark pool trade? This has been going on for a long time Im sure and if so the regulators and Sec are to blame once again. They are routinely late to the party.

    Now if you'll excuse me I have a million other calls I have to make to a million other doctors….

  2. Moss Sandwich says:

    Dealbreaker comments have become the dark pool…………

  3. everyone says:

    Pls tell Goldman to stop pissing in the dark pool

  4. Shaz's beard says:

    The recent book “Flash Boys” by Jon Shazar is a racy tail of the Shazman's rise through the soft underbelly of New Jersey glory holes and male peep shows and triumphant journey to the hallowed and stressful position of copying/pasting Opening Bell's promptly before the London close.