Goldman Sachs Suggests NYTimes Sleep With One Eye Open

On Tuesday afternoon, an article appeared over at the Times that referred to Lloyd Blankfein as the “former” CEO of Goldman Sachs. As Blankfein is very much the current chief executive, a correction was issued.

…teeing the bank up for the deployment of some corporate Twitter account sass.

Your move @nytimes. If anyone needs any tips on Twitter warfare, consider getting in touch with the master.

Corrections: April 16, 2014 [NYT]
@Goldman Sachs [Twitter]

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8 Responses to “Goldman Sachs Suggests NYTimes Sleep With One Eye Open”

  1. Lucas Van Praaaag says:


  2. Guest says:

    Trying to educate liberals is like talking to dirt.. I support abortion because it limits liberalism

  3. Anon says:

    There are alot of Cohns at the NYT.

  4. Guest says:

    @grundleof1 – tee hee