Hiring Manager Surprised About The Number Of Jobless MBA Students’ Resumes With ‘Mammoth Balls’ Listed Under Skills

Second-year M.B.A. students at a number of schools are holding out for the perfect job, even if that means rejecting safe-bet offers and graduating into unemployment. The attitude reflects a major shift from just a couple of years ago, when business students aimed to lock in their postgraduation plans by winter break and those still looking in April were assumed to be deficient in some way…Bloom Energy, which taps M.B.A. students for 5% to 8% of its new hires, doesn’t recruit on a set schedule and rarely does so for positions more than six months ahead of time. That means those who want to start work after graduation generally only stand a chance at getting a job in the spring. And they’re willing to wait, said Helen Textor, director of global recruiting and staffing at the Sunnyvale, Calif., clean energy firm. “I’m surprised often at how comfortable they are” turning down other offers, knowing a job at Bloom is far from a sure bet, she said. [WSJ]

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15 Responses to “Hiring Manager Surprised About The Number Of Jobless MBA Students’ Resumes With ‘Mammoth Balls’ Listed Under Skills”

  1. Guest says:

    Who the fuck holds off getting a job for the *possible* opportunity at Bloom Energy?

  2. dickher says:

    Anyone that receives a MBA and then votes democratic has not learned even one single thing.

  3. WackyWeasel says:

    Exactly. Seems like the joke here is on Bloom for not locking in the good candidates earlier. I read the piece as satire. Bloom doesn't get it and they aren't exactly getting the cream of the crop.

    • Orangello says:

      "Turn down other offers" = Told the recruited they had other offers to seem more desirable.

  4. SeemedLikeAPlan says:

    I wasn't going to get married until I met the perfect woman. Then I did, and she wasn't going to get married until she met the perfect man.

  5. MBAwhore says:

    Nothing clarifies the mind like 200k in student debt

  6. BNP HR says:

    Fucking MBA toolboxes. I've met more HBS idiots in my 25 years on street to last another two lifetimes. If these people were smart they would hold out for the BNP Paribas offer. Viva La France!!

    • 25YrsIsALongTime says:

      if you have been on the street 25 years and are still posting to Dealbreaker, aren't you, by definition, a "toolbox"? also, after 25 yrs, shouldn't you have saved up enough carry to retire – ohh.

      • guest says:

        Yeah because everyone retires after 25 years. Nice try shit for brains. I hear Warren Buffett wanted to retire after he put in his twenty five but couldn't put the scratch together. Go fix my break