Mandy Drury Starts Her Morning Off Right

With a piping hot cup of coffee out of her Handbridge Capital mug and some Vegemite spread. [BI]

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33 Responses to “Mandy Drury Starts Her Morning Off Right”

  1. guest says:

    this warms my cold, dead heart.

    -reader since 06

  2. Lord Humongous says:

    Vegemite is disgusting, tastes like ultra salty soy sauce

  3. Guest says:

    Mandy Drury = NHB

    Well done, NakedShort.

  4. NakedShort says:

    We have now officially cum full circle!

  5. Not so fun fact says:

    When you type Mandy Drury in Google one of the first suggestions is "Mandy Drury Cleavage".

  6. Mandar says:

    Ay nay!

  7. BNP HR says:

    I feel a tingle "down under"

    On the other hand I wouldn't feed that shit to my dog…

  8. Quant me maybe... says:

    RE This shit (Part IV) …

    Those muffins, like Mandies Muffins aren't presented to their full potential because the networks hacks caved to a bunch of jealous PC psycho semi-automatic gun toting Texan Christian Fundamentalists who don't have even $50K in their shitty little 401K plans with their little part time jobs at the Christmas Tree Shops.

  9. Fappy Bird says:

    Downunder fapping doubletime! Fap fap fap fap fap

  10. Bess Nation says:

    Above The Law editor was just on CNBC…. Bess when is your interview???

  11. Pepe la Pew says:

    I like this new piece of tits Kelly Evans myself.

    Very smart and Im sure is a scoundrel between the sheets

  12. HHH says:

    It's gotta be grueling working for that beacon of journalism CNBC.

  13. cryinglil jewishboy says:

    Fine print on the cup states "Explosive Results"; can't help but imagine that the combination of coffee and vegemite spread would produce anything less than explosive…

  14. Frustryted 'Strine says:

    Six, six, six !! Is that all you blokes think of? With your brist fittishes and your tryder lingo filled with sixual innuendo, is it any wonduh the trydin' communitye is populyted with puhvutts and crypers?? Nothin' but a bunch of liquor swillin swagmen bent on havin' a perv at work with the telly on CNBC and its profissional wimmen!! I'm talkin' iddukited wimmen of puhpuss. And we're slindered in privitt by illigedly smott young men with idvinced degrys from vinerable institutions!! It should be venereal institutions in me book!

  15. Capt Oblivious says:

    What has Australia ever given us of any value? I say send it back

  16. mSq says:

    Wish CNBC would send the stupid girl back down under. The harsh accent is way too much and she is too dumb to be even on CNBC that claims it is a financial news channel

  17. largent80 says:

    Granite countertops? Rookie. That's way too hard on your back.
    – L. Tilton

  18. MacCBOE says:

    Kelly Evans = tits too small, handbridge not needed.