Michael Lewis Not Having Any Trouble Looking Himself In The Mirror

Or so he told one Bloomberg reporter.

I spoke to Lewis, 53, on April 2, at Bloomberg world headquarters in New York, the day after Bill O’Brien, the president of the BATS Global Markets, fumed at him and the white hat of his tale, Brad Katsuyama, in an entertaining confrontation on CNBC. Katsuyama, president and chief executive officer of IEX (Investors Exchange), is the main “flash boy.” […]

Hoelterhoff: In the meantime, are you feeling any shame? Bill O’Brien thinks you should.

Lewis: I was embarrassed for him. I mean I just thought the person was an embarrassing human being. His behavior sort of mimicked high-frequency trading, but in conversation — front-running everything everybody else said. I mean, he wouldn’t let anybody finish a sentence. It was astounding to me that someone like that actually runs a company. I just didn’t know what to say about it.

Michael Lewis Feels No Shame as Book Curdles Tempers [Bloomberg]

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8 Responses to “Michael Lewis Not Having Any Trouble Looking Himself In The Mirror”

  1. Truth hurts says:

    Hate him all you want, but
    – he probably makes more money than most
    – people will still read his books 50 years from now
    – has fun doing it.

    • guest says:

      er, who exactly are you talking to? pretty sure no one here hates him? the people who hate him are o'brien et al?

    • Julie Brown says:

      You left out that he's banging Tabitha Soren. Whether that's a plus or a minus I leave to you.

      • nobody told Soros says:

        Well, they say after a certain age a relationship is more about the rapport…

  2. Art Howe says:

    I hate him so, so much.

  3. Sgt Hatred says:

    I hate him!

    • J. Gorman says:

      those who hate you don't win… unless you hate them, and then…you destroy yourself

  4. Dad says:

    Fuck this piece of shit

    -GS Virtu bookrunner