Russian Banks Treating Smaller Rivals Like Financial Crimeas

It seems that Russian acquisitiveness had been manifesting itself in less sovereignty-curtailing, military-dolphin-training ways until recently.

Which country do you think has been responsible for the most bank deals in recent years? Here’s a clue: it just annexed Crimea.

There were three bank mergers or acquisitions that involved a Russian lender in the first three months of this year, 11 last year and – all in all – Russia accounts for a full quarter of all domestic and cross-border bank deals by volume announced in Europe since 2009.

Oh, and guess which country has been the third most active for banking M&A in that time? That’s right – Ukraine.

From the Dept. of Irony: Russian Banks lead Europe in takeovers [FN The Tally blog]

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4 Responses to “Russian Banks Treating Smaller Rivals Like Financial Crimeas”

  1. jww says:

    the picture is of a Hungarian-owned bank. they have branches in the ukraine and russia