Soros Fund Employees May Want To Consider Remedial Relationship Classes

…and could potentially even get a group rate, between the octogenarian who thinks “By the way, I gave your apartment to another woman” is appropriate pillow talk and this guy:

A beautiful blond financier claims her spurned boyfriend stalked her online using the handle “OrgyMan” and torpedoed her financial career with trumped-up criminal allegations. In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Marta Billeci says she spent four months dating Soros Fund employee Taye Famm in 2011 — and the next three years trying to get away from him. The suit says Famm would send Billeci, 40, “unsolicited tips” about what the big-bucks fund was doing in a bid to woo her, but Billeci never used them. They broke up in May 2011 — but Famm “repeatedly and continuously sent unsolicited text messages and emails” to Billeci, “including forwarded internal emails from his employer marked ‘confidential,’ ” the suit says. Billeci said Famm, who did not return a call for comment, got an order of protection against her based on unspecified “outright lies,” the suit says. Weeks later, he called her and left her a message, the suit says. After she called him back and left him a voicemail, she found herself arrested. Numerous court appearances resulted in her losing her job, says the suit, which seeks $250,000 in damages.

Soros Fund employee stalked ex-girlfriend under ‘OrgyMan’ screen name, ruined her finance career: suit [NYDN]

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  1. Aspiring tribesman says:

    I have freckles. But I also have curly dark hair. Upstairs that is.

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  3. guest says:

    Eh, 6/10

  4. Guest says:

    I lost track of when where who did what to whom. Ergo bitch deserves the slammer.

  5. Meatstick says:

    The student has become the teacher.

  6. Shucky Ducky says:

    Soros will look you straight in the eye and punch you in the dick with a lamp.