Sotheby’s, Third Point Graphics Departments Have Been Working Overtime

Back in October, hedge fund manager Dan Loeb sent a letter William Ruprecht, to the CEO of Sotheby’s, in which he made the following points:

  • Sotheby’s is completely ignorant about contemporary art
  • Ruprecht is overpaid
  • Sotheby’s is a joke compared to Christie’s
  • In spite of all this, Sotheby’s future can be salvaged, but it’ll take firing Ruprecht and adding Loeb and a few directors of Loeb’s choice to the board

Shockingly, Sotheby’s did not appreciate the constructive criticism, and adopted a poison pill to ward off Loeb and Co. Last week, Loeb reiterated his position in an open letter to Sotheby’s shareholders, in which he underscored that, in his professional opinion, the auction house knows nothing about selling art. (He also reminded them to vote Loeb ’14 at the company’s annual meeting in May.)

Team Sotheby’s, apparently sick of Loeb’s shit, did what any corporate entity does when it’s decided its done play Mr. Nice Guy: assembled its top men and women in a conference room and declared that no one could leave until they’d come up with a 53-slide PowerPoint rebuttal.

Said rebuttal can be viewed in its entirety here, but it mostly boils down to:


But Sotheby’s is not the only organization with a graphics department willing to work overtime! Knocking the ball back uptown is Third Point with Value Sotheby’s, a website wherein Loeb et al makes their case re: why shareholders should listen to them (de rigeur these days with the activist investing set). There are a lot of words on a lot of pages, but they’ll let their contemporary Photoshop talk for them:

We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

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12 Responses to “Sotheby’s, Third Point Graphics Departments Have Been Working Overtime”

  1. Thornton Melon says:

    I was just admiring your wifes Klempt

    You too, shes showing everyone

    I think Sotheby's biggest downfall is that it has yet to sell Stevie C an overvalued piece of flaming dogshit disguised as art

  2. WTF Do I Know? says:

    DL is obviously a bright dude but wtf does he know about valuing art? Seems like an odd fight to pick, things like Icahn wanting Apple to work with its cash seems to make more sense.

  3. investorcluzo says:

    Sotheby's presentation looks like it was done by a 1st year associate who is figuring out his/her way around PowerPoint. While Third Point's presentation looks like it was done by the guy that did Frozen.

    -Investor Presentation Quant

  4. Turnip Truck says:

    Really missed an opportunity to put, say, Ruprecht's face on the painting.

    Also not sure why the person is applying chalk to what appears to be an oil painting, but I'm sure Loeb knows better than me.