Write-Offs: 04.21.14

$$$ Argentina Asks Supreme Court to Protect It From ‘Vulture’ Hedge Fund [BusinessWeek]

$$$ Sandals for Men Gain Ground [WSJ]

$$$ The Humane Society’s New Pitch: This Pork Producer Is a Bad Investment [BusinessWeek]

$$$ Singer, Griffin Among Billionaires Funding Rove Super-PAC [Bloomberg]

$$$ The Power Breakfast Spawns the Power Cut [WSJ]

$$$ White House Finally Responds to Petition to Deport Justin Bieber [Gawker]

$$$ Struggling NYSE lobbies against high-frequency trading [NYP]

$$$ Why Putin Isn’t Scared by $115 Billion of Debt [Bloomberg]

$$$ North America’s premier Rubik’s Cube master recently strutted his stuff in Times Square, solving the classic puzzle in under 15 seconds — using only one hand. “Anyone can learn how to solve the cube,” Anthony Brooks, 20, said while effortlessly aligning the cube’s colors again and again. “Anyone from a fourth-grader to a 75-year-old.” [NYDN]

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