Write-Offs: 04.22.14

$$$ Ex-Barclays Executive Sees ‘Golden Decade’ for Banking [Bloomberg]

$$$ Citigroup’s leaders say company is still too complex [Reuters]

$$$ What’s in a Name: The Ongoing Saga of Medbox [SIRF / Roddy Boyd]

$$$ Weebly Valued at $455 Million Amid Website-Building Boom [Digits]

$$$ Paulson, [Warren] says in the book released today, sold the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program to the public as a “near par” transaction in which taxpayers would receive assets that were roughly equal to their investment. Though, she writes, in her capacity as a member of a congressional oversight panel for the program, she commissioned a report that found the Treasury was receiving 66 cents on the dollar. “Their conclusions sent a chill through me,” Warren writes. “Treasury had overpaid — and not just by a little. Treasury was subsidizing these banks pure and simple.” [Bloomberg]

$$$ Famous performing parrot Truman goes missing [NYP]

$$$ Cramer: This ‘cannabis’ stock will quickly double [CNBC]

$$$ IRS gave bonuses to employees who didn’t pay their taxes [CNBC]

$$$ New Jersey cardiologist racks up $135,000 bill during four trips to Scores strip club — but he claims he was drugged during each visit [NYDN]