Bank Of America Is Gonna Try This One Again

Bank of America Corp. said Tuesday that it had resubmitted its smaller stress-test capital plan to the Federal Reserve. The announcement is the latest step as the bank navigates the aftermath of a $4 billion capital error it disclosed last month. The error, disclosed April 28, forced the bank to suspend its plans for returning capital to shareholders, and the Fed had given it until Tuesday to submit a new plan. [WSJ]

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5 Responses to “Bank Of America Is Gonna Try This One Again”

  1. Meh says:

    At this point the Fed must have some boolean parameter in their model called is_bof_a where if true, indicates a multi-billion dollar hole that no one in the company knows about. Expect the resubmission to make no difference.

  2. Captain Moynihan says:

    How about Operation Turn Out the Lights On Your Way out?

  3. Quant me maybe... says:

    You know, If I were their regulator I wouldn't even fine them. I'd just record the sound of the Barney Frank laughing hysterically and play it into Moynahan's voice mail every 30 minutes for the next year.

  4. Guest says:

    I just bought a gold plated ball washer for my putting green in La Quinta.

    -Angelo Mozilo

  5. Guest says:

    William fucking Egan can suck my balls