BNP Paribas Would Really Like To Be Too Big To Prosecute Right Now

Getting caught cozying up with the Cubans, Iranians and Libyans is going to be more expensive that BNP Paribas anticipated, what with the pending indictment and all.

The French bank BNP Paribas warned on Wednesday that it might have to pay penalties higher than the $1.1 billion it had set aside for an investigation by the American authorities into whether it processed payments for countries facing United States sanctions, including Iran….

BNP addressed the matter and the financial risks in a statement on Wednesday: “The discussions that took place during the first quarter of 2014 concerning U.S. dollar payments involving countries subject to U.S. sanctions demonstrate that a high degree of uncertainty exists as to the nature and amount of penalties that the U.S. authorities could impose on the bank following completion of the ongoing process: there is the possibility that the amount of the fines could be far in excess of the amount of the provision.”

BNP Paribas SA is facing fines of about $2 billion as well as criminal charges for violating U.S. economic sanctions against several countries including Iran, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter, part of an accelerating crackdown by American authorities that has caused upheaval among European banks….

If the government goes ahead with criminal charges against the parent of the Paris-based bank, it could lead to the first guilty plea by a bank in decades. Negotiations are continuing and a guilty plea isn’t certain, said one of the people. Any deal could fall apart.

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9 Responses to “BNP Paribas Would Really Like To Be Too Big To Prosecute Right Now”

  1. cowbell says:

    preet's got a fever, and the only cure is more indictments.

  2. BNP HR says:

    Mondieu!!! Looks like I may not be able to take all 15 weeks of vacation this year. I must get busy sharpening my hatchet!


  3. anti-BNP quant says:

    It's great that the BANK is being indicted. What about the PEOPLE who work for the bank?!?! Come on Preet!

  4. Captain Oblivious says:

    They will be given their pound of Brie and shown the door. It is going to be bad

  5. Pepe la Pue says:

    Awfully big risk taken by a firm that will usually take zero. Good luck assholes, take Jerry lewis with you on the way out

  6. The Scooper says:

    This stinks of Gruyere and stale farts.

  7. UBS MD says:

    France is the dick punch capital of Australia!

  8. Surgeon General says:

    Baguettes must be kept in a warm, dark place or else they may go stale.