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Caption Contest Thursday: Charlie Gasparino’s Pec-Whaling Workouts Not Confined To The Gym

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35 Responses to “Caption Contest Thursday: Charlie Gasparino’s Pec-Whaling Workouts Not Confined To The Gym”

  1. Captain Oblivious says:

    Apparently thinking and reason aren't too easy either chuckles. Its tough to see a fellow paisan crumble like this.

  2. Jon Coffee says:

    Hey wait, isn't that the meet me at Minetta's pose so we know it's you?

  3. guest says:

    Does he have his fingers up his ass?

    – j gundlach

  4. Niles Standish says:

    I pull da hammy jumpin for da joy because of my big meetin wit Bank of America high level summa intern. i always get da scoop

  5. Rusty Denture says:

    Is he scooping himself really hard? The hardest scooping ever?

  6. PARKOUR! says:

    Turn your head 90 degrees and allow for a momentary suspension of disbelief.

  7. Gasbag says:

    "This is what it looked like that time I fucked that troll right in his fuckin' ass."

  8. Chaznado says:

    This carpet picked the wrong morning to wake up.


  9. Guest says:

    Let's see that chest on the floor before we call it a pushup

  10. guest says:

    Charlie is preparing for his audition for Human Centipede 3.

  11. Turbo & Ozone says:

    Breakin' 3: Italian Boogaloo

  12. LGBT activist says:

    Watch your cornhole bud

  13. Guest says:

    This is my favorite kind of Dealbreaker

  14. Nutritionist says:

    "So I spread my cheeks in a stance like this, and you just funnel that veggie kale protein mix right in there."

  15. Charles Journalrino says:

    Boko Haram is a friend of mine!

  16. guest says:

    Gold's Gym Interview #2

  17. Guest says:

    Showing the "kids" at FBN what breakdancing in the 80's was to Rockwell's "Somebodys Watching Me".

  18. Guest says:

    AMC and Fox News presents "Breaking Wind"

  19. Workplace harassment says:

    Who is the poor schlub that he made take this picture?

  20. Guest says:

    Looks like someone photoshopped Dennis Kneale out of that picture.

  21. Jingles Malone says:

    The Equinox steam room is not as steamy as I remember it.

  22. BackOfficeBusta says:

    Almost as hard as keeping a straight face working alongside Jim Cramer

  23. Guest says:

    Where's dat vial. I need to find dat f*ing vial.

  24. Guesteeculos says:

    Hernia face

  25. CF no A though says:

    Wish someone would come along and kick him in the face. Make a great vine!