David Einhorn Did Okay For Himself Last Month

David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital Inc. posted returns of 4.3 percent in April, owing to his short bets against high-flying momentum stocks and its holdings of Apple Inc. and Micron Technology, according to sources familiar with the hedge fund on Thursday. The April gains brought the $10 billion hedge fund’s gains to 3.1 percent for this year to date. [Reuters]

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2 Responses to “David Einhorn Did Okay For Himself Last Month”

  1. Chaz52 says:

    Ahhh Einhorn Schminehorn. Who gives a crap. Greenlight Capital could be called da Redlight district for alls I care. It is so much cooler to be da world's greatestest reporterer. And to be wrkin with da Fox team dat includes Maria (da Muny Huny), Neil (da big gumbaa), Lizzy (da big cans) and da udder broads dat day been scorin. I wuz noticin da udder day that Smitty got guide da sweet little package. Den I gotta go home to reality. Ooooouch. Anyways, who wuld wanna be Einhorn when dey could be me!