And that’s why, despite Carl Icahn’s comments about him in the past, Bill Ackman is ready to take their newfound friendship to the next level (and why Icahn, who Ackman once described as a liar who takes advantage of little people probably feels the same way).

Stephanie Ruhle: Now that you and Carl have this middle ground, are you and he working on anything together?
Bill Ackman: I’m not currently working on anything with Carl Icahn.
Ruhle: But would you?
Ackman: I think I would.
Ruhle: You would??
Ackman: It’s possible. Sure.

Ackman: I Think I Would Work With Icahn [BloombergTV]

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  1. Posted by anti-schadenfreude | May 6, 2014 at 9:24 AM

    i love this nonsense. a bit more surreal each and every day.