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Here Are The Stocks That Have Helped Hedge Funds Underperform This Year

Invest accordingly.

Hedge funds are flat for the year while the S&P 500 is up 2%, according to Goldman Sachs, which analyzed performance from 777 hedge funds with $1.9 trillion under management….

As the chart below shows, Google Inc. topped the list as the most widely held stock by hedge funds, followed by Apple Inc. and General Motors Co. AIG and Time Warner Cable round out the top five.

Goldman Sachs: Here Are 50 Stocks Most Loved by Hedge Funds [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]

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7 Responses to “Here Are The Stocks That Have Helped Hedge Funds Underperform This Year”

  1. Captain Cramerica says:

    Hedge Funds are total BS. That list proves it, you don't have to be a genius or an outlier investor to pick any of those stocks. When people get wise to it and realize they are paying 2 and 20 for bullshit that is going to be a real bubble. Other than that I am concern-less

    • UFOinsider says:

      Legal approves of this marketing material

      – Fidelity ETF quant

      • Donkey Punch LLC says:

        At least Icahn and Loeb go in and start kicking people around to stop sitting on their ass and create value. There are alot of talented funds but there are more that are full of shit and wind up costing people alot of money when they could have went long some value stocks and threw in some index fund and made more money paying Fidelity 8 bucks a trade. Fucking Plebs

        • Southern Black Snake says:

          Despite your distain for plebes, they have likely done better for themselves by doing what you are advising.

          – Admiral Obvious

        • Guy Who Seen Things says:

          "…..could have went long….."

          I seen this coming.

    • Guest says:

      Don't invest in HFs if you cannot afford it.

      • MoMoney says:

        My goal in life is to be wealthy enough to lose money in HF's instead of alley craps games