Jamie Dimon Has A Five-Year Plan

JP Morgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer James Dimon has told investors he wants to stay with the largest U.S. bank for as many as five more years, according to people familiar with the conversation. “I’m going nowhere,” Mr. Dimon said during an April 23 lunch at a hotel overlooking Boston Harbor, according to people who attended…The new clarity is a contrast to comments made by the 58-year-old Mr. Dimon a year ago as he hinted in a private meeting with investors he might leave the bank if shareholders voted to separate his roles of chief executive and chairman, according to people familiar with that conversation. [WSJ]

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3 Responses to “Jamie Dimon Has A Five-Year Plan”

  1. will he says:

    Jamie Dimon HAS a plan?

    Stop the presses

  2. Alt_EST says:

    Is it to to look amazing and always wear a tux? God, I hope so.

    -Singular Same-Sex Attraction Guy

  3. runcibleman says:

    And China is on the 12th Five Year Plan.

    Dimon might be said to have cost low-income people their homes which they should've never gotten mortgages/loans on. China claims to be building 36 million new affordable apartments for low-income people.

    I think China is just as full of shit as Dimon.