Layoffs Watch ’14: Barclays

That big round of cuts CEO Antony Jenkins has been chomping at the bit to announce are expected to come later this week.

Barclays is poised to announce a cull of wheeler dealers as profits in its investment bank halved. The scandal hit firm is expected to unveil widespread job losses in the firm’s “casino” banking division on Thursday this week. Many London-based staff face the chop as boss Antony Jenkins sets out plans to overhaul the controversial arm of the bank…The biggest job losses are expected to come in the firm’s former Barclays Capital – Barcap – operations, built up by ex-chief executive Bob Diamond.

Barclays to reveal cull of investment bankers as profits fall [Mirror]

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10 Responses to “Layoffs Watch ’14: Barclays”

  1. guesticles says:

    [nervously girds loins]

  2. HandiCapital says:

    Barclays "casino" banking…

    [youtube rbu0PVOUT3o youtube]

    "I'm sorry sir. It's heads."
    … "Almost"

  3. guest says:

    Ex-Barclays Quant?

    -Ex-Lehman Quant
    -Ex-UBS Quant

  4. Guest says:

    Its a dog eat gorilla world.

    -D. Fuld

  5. guest says:

    My guess: All front office employees to be given option to work in compliance.

  6. HorseMouth Horrell says:

    "Goodnight Barclays Capital, BWA2014" If we were only so lucky to have this place vanish into the sea…..

  7. sorry says:

    it's champing at the bit, not chomping

    – me, annoying even myself