Model Karlie Kloss Brings Can-Do Attitude To Harvard Square

Kloss, who posted an Instagram picture of herself studying at Harvard library, took Professor Anita Elberse’s course “The Business of Media, Entertainment and Sports,” which ran last week at Harvard Business School. Victoria’s Secret Angel Kloss recently said, “Tyra [Banks] did it. She [attended classes at] Harvard Business School. I can do it, too.” [NYP]

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8 Responses to “Model Karlie Kloss Brings Can-Do Attitude To Harvard Square”

  1. guesticles says:


  2. Rebecca M. says:

    The only thing that is hard regarding HBS, is getting in…..and her professors erections.

    • Um... says:

      HBS =/= HBS MBA Program

      • Xenomorph says:

        Yes, and given she's merely taking classes vs completing a full MBA, I'm going to suggest she start a reality show called "college dropouts of the 1%". She doesn't want to actually put in the work of getting into and educated at Harvard, she just wants to pose in front of a preftigious shingle to imply she's more than just a model. Probably has something to do with the fact that she's approaching 30 and starting to contemplate post modelling 'exit ops'.

        Other than than, no complaints.

  3. Hammernutz says:

    Jeez, its not enough that every guy on the planet earth wants to bang you now you want to be looked at as "smart". Gimme a break honey……

    • Xenomorph says:

      When is enough? She outclasses most people even on this board. Next time you want to hire a slightly less qualified cute girl instead of a more qualified dude, now you see that women don't want equality….they want opportunity and they'll take full advantage of it just like any man.

      – Wake up bell

  4. UFOinsider says:

    Karlie, let's get a drink sometime.

    – hey, you miss every shot you don't take, the odds of this working be damned

  5. Finance Schminance says:

    Time spent arranging perfect instagram studying photo >= time spent studying