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New Jersey Man Will Totally Be First To Beat Insider-Trading Rap

Titan Capital Management co-founder Steven Slawson has had his troubles in the past, but now he’s really in the soup, what with the criminal insider-trading charges in a case that has already won three guilty pleas. Oh, yeah, and with his alleged source ready to hop up onto the witness stand to tell a jury about all of the money Slawson paid him for inside dirt on a child’s clothing company.

No matter: Slawson is positively eager for the chance to prove that professedly innocent people can stay out of jail under such circumstances.

A New Jersey hedge fund manager pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges he traded on inside information about the children’s clothing company Carter’s Inc, according to court papers….

Prosecutors accused Slawson of obtaining advance information about Atlanta-based Carter’s quarterly results from 2005 to 2010 from a paid consultant who, prosecutors said, had learned the details in turn from former Carter’s executives Eric Martin and Richard Posey.

The consultant is cooperating with authorities and was not named in the indictment….

“He’s innocent, and we look forward to proving that at trial,” said Slawson’s lawyer, Todd Harrison, in a phone interview on Thursday.

Hedge fund manager charged in Carter’s insider trading probe [Reuters]

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  1. klhoughton says:

    "In Jersey anything's legal, so long as you don't…" oops.