Signing Bonus Watch ’14: Citigroup

Mike Corbat has some miffed junior mistakers on his hands.

“Citi’s new S&T associate class isn’t getting a signing bonus. Many associates are already setting up spots at other banks or elsewhere. Everyone is astonished…the explanation we were given was that it’s “market convention,” but we’ve heard other banks still have signing in place. This is a very talented class…people are pissed.”

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24 Responses to “Signing Bonus Watch ’14: Citigroup”

  1. Guest says:

    "This is a very talented class…" Give me a small break from this self entitlement bullshit, please. Be glad you got the job.

    – not old geezer but a fan of his work

    • Suck it says:

      Someone gives you a job and a salary. Another guy gives you a job, a salary, and a few bucks to lock in your candidacy. Who do you choose.

      – common fucking sense n00b

      • juniormistmaker says:

        He was commenting on the self-aggrandizing comment, not their decision making process you fucking illiterate knob.

      • Guest says:

        I'd choose the person who feels they have something to prove to me; not the other way around.

  2. Well, I have to agree with Citi here because it all depends on your definition of "Market Convention." Having grown up in a post 2007 era, "Market Convention" can really only mean that at anytime, your employer and the market will convene upon f-ing you in the ass.

    • Things have changed says:


      – Guy who landed job as the markets were having a collective conniption

  3. theShizznitt says:

    Ah, Springtime. The time of year when yet another wave of fresh, entitled graduates learn to JO&C.

    • Truth says:

      It's kind of funny to hear the old farts on this board castigate new guys for wanting stuff they had, calling it entitled, when in fact there are other people still selling the same deal. Shitibank indeed, the birthplace of the cesspool of mediocre overconsolidation and dealmaking that led to the financial crisis. It seems like pretty straightforward math: you give up happiness in high school, college, and summers to land a kick ass job. Then you get this shitty attitude from a bunch of fogies that couldn't keep their own fucking FINANCIAL companies capitalized because they used slick marketing to lend money to people who couldn't repay their morgages, then grovelled before the gov't to bail them out, and THEN took the stance that the gov't is the one wrecking the economy. It's so pathetic, it's funny, and no one takes you seriously anymore so go find a new job. Meanwhile, I and others who've busted their asses while you were fucking things up will go and get paid more at a bank that actually has a future.

      – multiple post guy

      • UFOinsider says:

        Take a breather, squeaky, don't hurt yourself

      • someguy says:

        Wasting your youth pursuing a "dream" of being a banker, 4-5 extra blow jobs
        Leveraging up in student debt, 100,000

        Talking shit on WSO about 'old farts' to 18 year olds who are about to go through the same process, getting of on being a big fish in a tiny pond, priceless.

  4. Supermarket Bmodel says:

    Just as we offer a broad array of financial services under the Citigroup umberella, so too do we offer a broad array of reasons to never, ever work here.

  5. Captain Oblivious says:

    I'm sure all of the other firms are falling all over themselves for new talent… GTF out of here. Another wave of entitled douchebags. Unless you have a pair of d's and an ass like a 10 yr old boy I suggest you hit the fuckin bricks pronto

  6. Samsboni says:

    Now is the era of the savage pampers!

    -M. Corbat

  7. guest says:

    Come to UBS! For a limited time all new hires will receive a limited edition singing bonus watch by Swatch.

    -UBS HR

  8. Guest says:

    Signing bonus? All I got was a coupon book for El Charitto when I came on board…

    – UBS FI MD

  9. ex-Macquarie chick says:

    Macquarie is hiring

  10. runcibleman says:

    What a bunch of pissy little shits. They think they must be hot stuff just because they had well-off parents who went to the same country club as the Dean/President/Chancellor/a board member of Yale/Harvard/Princeton and thus could get into a brand-name school, have an easy, care-free time in education, got their 4.0 GPA with all their paid tutors to help them, and thanks to Mom/Dad/Uncle Biff got into an IBD position with Citi/Goldman/Morgan Stanley/Deutsche/whoever. And now they want a SIGNING bonus? Can they throw a ball good enough for the NFL/NBA/MLB? No? No signing bonus then. STFU, sit down, learn to earn your pay, and you may actually be allowed to work there after your program term comes to an end.