The Bitcoin Bugle: Even Though You Don’t Care Anymore

Turns out there’s a correlation between bitcoin prices and level of media interest. Who would have guessed?

Prices have certainly dropped considerably. Bitcoin now trades at around $435 against a peak of just under $1150 hit in early December of 2013, according to Coindesk data. Bitcoin traded at less than $200 just a month before that peak.

A bubble of press interest in bitcoin lagged the boom. The number of media mentions kept rising even as bitcoin prices fell, peaking at 14,198 articles in March, according to a search of the Factiva database. But the media has also started to cool. Mentions fell by half in April.

Now, maybe if it could only get a Nascar of its own, more reporters and politicians would be interested….

The upstart altcoin and its fun-loving backers bought a Nascar sponsorship (for $55,000) with driver Josh Wise, whose #98 Moonrocket sported a dogecoin logo two Sundays ago at Talladega. That caught the attention of self-described “motorhead” Dan Dillon.

Mr. Dillon is the CEO of, a family-run, Jeffersonville, Pa., business, and beginning Monday, the website will start accepting dogecoin.

Now, the website will accept bitcoin as well, but the primary driver (no pun intended) for Mr. Dillon was dogecoin, not bitcoin.

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One Response to “The Bitcoin Bugle: Even Though You Don’t Care Anymore”

  1. UFOinsider says:

    Commence moment of clarity:

    The likelihood of BTC being adopted as formal currency by the FED is about 0%. This caused me to dismiss digital currencies. Then I stopped and thought about the "Continental" and preceding Revolutionary War fiat currency. Given history rhymes, at some point, these digital currencies will present a systemic threat to the banking system and will be adopted/integrated at some level. Which digital currency(ies) and when is anyone's guess, but I'm starting to look around at cheap aquisitions for the time when the FED realizes that it does little more than finance big banks and annoyed citizens have taken to financing their own futurers….poorly, but better than being completely ignored.

    / half moment of clarity




    My, that's some might fine koolade.