Biographical Details Aside, Tim Geithner Okay In Barbra Streisand’s Book

At a state dinner in 2011, Barbra Streisand told him he must be alright because he was a Brooklyn Jew. It was “kind of her,” he writes, “except that I’m not Jewish and I’ve never lived in Brooklyn.” [The Economist]

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7 Responses to “Biographical Details Aside, Tim Geithner Okay In Barbra Streisand’s Book”

  1. Guest says:

    The correct entertainment industry toolbag answer would be:
    Thank you Babs you are such a dear(cheek air kiss), shalom my friend.

  2. Guesteeculos says:

    She's Jewish?

    UBS Media Research Quant

  3. Shaz's beard says:

    i still would

  4. izzy edward says:

    yentl is a little mentl?

  5. OWS Research says:

    Geithner is lying. Everyone knows you cannot work at a high level position at Goldman Sachs without being jewish.

  6. Lloyd Blankfein says:

    Hey Barbs, wrong Jew

  7. runcibleman says:

    So to her, a prerequisite for being "alright" is that you be a Jew and come from Brooklyn? That's some insulting shit, right there. I guess she thinks that she's some prime example of the chosen people?